In Need of Repair?

Minor storm damage and maintenance are often covered under our minimum service charge. This charge is based on the proximity of your home to our office and will be no less than $175.00. Some items included in our minimum service charge are:

  • Repair of the problem area (example: replace 2 missing shingles)
  • Inspection of the entire roof for maintenance
  • Sealing all roof penetrations as needed
  • Cleaning roof of debris
  • Written inspection report for the sale of a home

If the repairs needed exceed our minimum service charge, we will provide you with an estimate at that time.

Denton Trinity Roofing may offer a warranty on repairs depending on the scope of work to be performed. Denton Trinity Roofing does not warrant minor repairs, such as those covered by our minimum service charge, against leakage on roofs that we did not install. We will repair the most obvious cause of the water penetration, but will not be held liable for someone else’s workmanship.