Not all roofing systems are created equal and there are many opportunities for a contractor to compromise the installation. How does a homeowner find the best option/value for their home?

You can start by picking the right contractor. As a member of Contractor Connection network Denton Trinity Roofing is an approved contractor for several major insurance carriers. Texas has NO state licensing agency for the roofing industry. No contractor is going to give you a reference from their most unsatisfied customer. So here are a few tips:

  • Check with the Better Business Bureau – if the company is registered it will at least tell you how long they have been in business
  • Check the records of the county and surrounding counties clerk of courts or with the Sherriff’s Departments – this can tell you if the company or its principles have been involved in any court cases
  • Check with the State Comptroller of Public Accounts if a company claims to be incorporated – if they are incorporated this can tell you if they are in good standing with the state

Picking the right system is equally important. Just because you purchase a 20 year, 30 year, or even a Lifetime shingle does not mean it will last that long or that it will be warranted against defects by the manufacturer for that time frame. A roof in Texas is typically damaged by a hail storm every 7 to 10 years. Manufacturer’s typically prorate their warranty coverage after 3 to 10 years and do not include all costs associated with replacement. How can you choose the roof that is right for you? Consider where you live … Are there high winds? Have you experienced more than 1 hail storm in the past few years? How long will you live in your home?

The majority of the homes in the United States have a fiberglass/composition/asphalt shingle as their primary roof covering. The “cheapest” shingles available are 20 or 25 year 3-tabs. These shingles are only warranted to withstand winds of up to 60 miles per hour. So, after the first spring storm blows two shingles off of your new roof the contractor can charge you a service fee for the repair. For the cost of a few missing shingles you could have paid for an upgrade to a stronger 30 year laminated shingle. These shingles typically carry a 70 to 80 mph standard wind warranty from a manufacturer. Depending on the shingle/manufacturer, with a few additional installation procedures you can increase the wind warranty from 110 to even 130 mph.

If you have experienced multiple hail storms you may want to consider an “Impact Resistant” shingle. A shingle that carries the Class IV / UL 2218 rating can be called impact resistant and may qualify you for a discount on your yearly homeowners insurance premium.

If you will be living in your home for many years to come you may want to consider the manufacturer’s upgraded product and labor warranty. For most manufacturers this requires an approved contractor, additional products, and additional installation procedures. An upgraded manufacturer’s warranty can provide 20+ years of non prorated coverage and includes all labor and materials for replacement due to a manufacturing defect. A few manufacturers’ even offer workmanship warranties through their approved contractors.

The standard workmanship warranty for the roofing industry is 2 years. While some companies advertise 5 and 10 year warranties, they have not been in business that long. Denton Trinity Roofing is able to provide warranties backed by shingle manufacturers that cover labor and materials from 20 years to a Lifetime warranty, depending on the manufacturer. You must also be careful as the contractor may void part of your material warranty through improperly placed nails, lack of attic ventilation, as well as lack of appropriate materials.