What to Expect

INSURANCE CLAIMS: We may ask to see your insurance adjusters estimate as it is beneficial to compare measurements and specified products. Discrepancies leading to insurance supplements need to be resolved prior to re-roofing your home.

INSURANCE DEDUCTIBLES: Denton Trinity Roofing does not cover any part of your deductible. This is against Texas Penal Code Business & Commerce Code Section 27.02. If caught covering a deductible both the homeowner and roofer as a minimum can be fined up to $4,000.00, up to one year in jail, or both. Denton Trinity Roofing can provide deductible financing if needed.

COMPETITIVE PRICING: Denton Trinity Roofing may not be the lowest bid, but please make sure to compare apples to apples. For example, are the measurements equal, does the contractor carry insurance, how long has the company been in business, will they use pneumatic nail guns?

VIBRATION AND DUST: Light fixtures, mirrors, pictures, candles, knickknacks, etc. can fall if not firmly attached to the wall or ceilings. We suggest that you check to make sure they are secured. If in doubt, take them down. The vibration will also cause dust to fall and therefore anyone who is asthmatic or allergic to dust should not be present during the installation. Another concern in any home, but especially when working with vaulted ceilings, is the possibility of nail pops and small cracks in the tape and bed as a result of the vibration. The vibration of the installation causes the nails in the drywall to back out. If drywall screws were used to secure the drywall you will not have this problem. We cannot assume responsibility for these items as it is a result of the installation of the drywall.

WOOD ROOF TEAR OFF: When it is necessary to remove old wood shingles, dirt and dust may fall through your lathe into the attic. We suggest you cover or remove any items, which require protection.

SHINGLES: When installing 30 year or higher shingles, there will be two types of shingles sent to the job. One is a three-tab 20 or 25 year shingle that is used as the starter and ridge shingle and the other shingles are the brand and style of shingles you requested to have installed in the field of your roof.

WIRING & AIR CONDITIONING LINES: Electrical, telephone, security and air-conditioning lines should not be installed directly underneath the roof deck. If you are aware of any such lines, we must be notified immediately. We cannot be responsible for the puncture of improperly installed lines or lines within three inches of the roof deck.

PROPERTY ACCESS: Your contract price is calculated utilizing access to the driveways for our trucks and material. If there is a more convenient side of the driveway to place the materials please let us know prior to delivery. It is imperative to park our truck as close to the home as possible for debris removal. Electricity access will be needed if we are installing new decking. If exterior plugs are not available, please run an extension cord through a window or door.